Building and Construction Monitoring Systems (Key Features, Benefits, & Screen shots)

ePiling and eInstrument

eData is an IT solution that allows the construction industry to collect on-site data for construction activities leveraging on real time capabilities. It helps property developers, geotechnical consultants, building architect, building authority, site engineers and contractors to monitor the work site progress closely.

Key Features
  • Collecting piling and instrument data at site through Pocket PC application
  • Monitoring of instrument and piling information through Alert Module
  • Reports and instrument analysis (eg. chart) generated through internet - consultant, authorities and relevant parties are able to access information instantly through iPM web systems
  • Support wireless communication for data transfer
  • Apply RFID technology to identify the instrument ID
  • Progressive work reports for management
  • Reports on instrument and piling are sent through email automatically
  • Alert modules trigger alert to relevant parties when necessary

  • Save a lot of paper works
  • Prevent human error in data entry
  • Saving manpower and cost in preparing the data for reports
  • Relevant parties can access the information anytime through internet
  • Work progress being monitor closely and under control
  • Reports on instrument and piling are sent through email automatically
  • Alert system can save life during emergency
  • A better communication channel is built up as data and reports can be view through internet>

Screen shots
instruments and piling.

C#.Net, Pocket PC application, Linux web server, Perl script, MySql, RFID technology, Java applets, Java servlet, Map engine in C++.
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